For The Love of Coffee

 It’s National Coffee Day! Of course a blog post must happen to celebrate, as you all know how very fond I am of coffee. Lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, Americanos, mistos… I’ll drink just about anything!

And what do you know, it just so happens that I’m studying the coffee market in school this week and have learned some fascinating things about this popular beverage. Read More »


My Life As a Student (with some tips + advice)

If you’ve been noticing less activity on my blog and social channels recently, it’s because I’ve started back to school this fall as a full-time, online student while maintaining my work schedule. (Yes, I’m crazy). While this change has been pretty much life-consuming, I’m eager to finally finish my degree (hopefully by next year) and get back to normal eventually. However, I wasn’t really prepared for just how much of my life being a full-time student would require. Mentally, I knew it would be challenging. But when I opened up my classes on the first day, I was immediately submerged into a sense of feeling overwhelmed and panicked. What had I gotten myself into, exactly?


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Dress Inspiration for Fall

It is so hard to believe that fall is almost here. And yet the stores have been priming us for a month now, teasing consumers with new products and irresistible cooler weather merchandise. You probably know by now that I’m someone who gets easily excited about season changes. I tend to live in each season and drink in all the pleasures it brings, but when it’s time to change I am always ready and eager for that change (yes, I’ve already had my first PSL…)


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Simple + Tasty Buttermilk Biscuits


Sometimes there are days when you just need comfort food. Old-fashioned, bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good comfort food. In the South, that means anything made with flour and salt. And it usually involves biscuits.

On warm summer mornings, I like room-temperature buttermilk biscuits paired with butter or jam. On chilly fall mornings, I like them piping hot, maybe even paired with gravy (oh yes. Sometimes you have to go all the way with your comfort food)

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