Thanksgiving Week Style for Home & Travel

fall leaves shoes

How can November have passed so quickly? One minute it’s Halloween and All Saints Day, and the next thing you know it’s Thanksgiving! I always come to this time of year filled with regrets. I think too much on all of the autumnal things I didn’t do, rather than those I did. In an effort to change that, and to put a positive spin on my (wasted but not really wasted) time, I will be sharing things next week that I was able to do this fall.

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24 Hours in Chicago

As a student, I’m unable to travel as much as I’d like, but rather than the dreadful alternative of not traveling at all, I’ve decided to take shorter trips.

Meeting up with my wanderlust buddy last weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

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Of (painful) Boots

shel boots 4

I love these boots, but I’m not gonna lie, they are a pain to wear! After an hour my feet start hurting and I begin hobbling. I usually have to time it so that I wear them for a few hours and then have a pair of shoes to change into for the remainder of the day. But, I love them and wear them anyway (you know how it is to suffer through pain for the sake of a good boot…). I never thought that it would be possible to wear these all day, pain-free.

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