Hollywood’s Golden Era


As August draws to a close, I have to admit that I haven’t been too faithful in keeping up with Dean Street Society’s instagram #StyleMeAugust challenge. I have had some days when I just couldn’t do the theme (when work or something else got in the way of creativity), and there were some days that I did the day’s theme but then was unable to document my outfit.


Yesterday’s theme was especially fun; one that appealed to me immensely as it was “Hollywood’s Golden Era”. I love films from the 30’s and 40’s, and the actresses that graced those black-and-white films have done much to inspire my style. I chose this top (recently purchased from Anthropologie; see below) because the large billowing and ruffled sleeves reminded me of the styles so popular on the silver screen during the 20’s and 30’s.


Shopping On a Budget Note: The end of August is the perfect time to catch store sales as retailers rush to clear inventory and make room for fall styles and pre-holiday items. This past weekend I especially enjoyed shopping the rare sale-on-sale at Anthropologie and found this top that will function perfectly as a transition piece (cost: less than $20!). The skirt is from Nordstrom Rack, purchased on clearance and during tax-free weekend (cost: $8.70!). The clutch is actually a detachable pouch from my Free People tote (seriously, this tote is reversible, comes with a pouch that does double duty as a clutch, and a strap for wearing cross-body. Worth every penny since you get so much included!)


 Happy Midweek, Everyone!


Middling Monday

It’s nearing the end of my least-favorite day of the week. Here’s hoping you made time for coffee and some relaxation today. (I managed coffee, but not much else). To help us all ease into a new workweek, here are some fun articles for a quick, enjoyable perusal…
Nine Tips for Surviving The Middle Seat. Raise your hand if you’ve been the seat filling, ever. Not fun, right? I try to avoid the murky middle when at all possible, but sometimes flights are so booked that I don’t have a choice (and since this is a universal feeling, when a flight is close to being sold out, guess which seats are ever the only ones left?!). This article provided some humor and, even better, helpful tips for surviving and thriving in the middle.

Speaking of airplanes, how awkward is it when the small talk you use to engage your fellow seatmates with simply fizzles out? This article gives you tips for engaging people with small talk at any time and any place.

Finally (and to keep on a travel theme), how about wearing a scent based on your state’s flower as you traverse the globe? This roundup of perfumes by state will help you find the proper scent you need in order to be a model representative citizen of your state.


Here it is, just beyond the middle of August already. Was it only yesterday that school was ending and summer was stretching before us with its lazy days and hot weather and froyo and vacations? How can a season pass so quickly? But here we are already, verily on the cusp of fall.
Top: SPRZ NY collection, Uniqlo. Skirt: NY&CO (from many years ago, still looks as it did when I bought it!). Shoes: Target. Necklace: Anthropologie. Bag: Free People. 20140819-200221-72141202.jpg

Of An Auntie and Her Nieces

Yesterday my three nieces came over for a visit before the start of school next week. It’s not that I won’t continue to see them during the school year, but we won’t have the time to do the sorts of fun things we were able to do over the summer. Thankfully, I’m a self-employed auntie who can rearrange her schedule when necessary to seize an opportunity to make memories with beloved little nieces. Since I don’t have children of my own, it is nothing short of fun to accompany my nieces on an adventure.

Oldest and youngest niece take in the fish.

I grew up without an involved aunt in my life and never knew what it was like to have one who even wanted to spend time with me. Now it gives me joy to be the aunt I never had to my nieces, loving them and spending time with them. And I have no shortage of shared pleasures with them, like when my middle niece tells me that she props her pillows up in bed so that she can read at night. “What? You too?!” My little kindred spirits.

Middle niece races a shark to the end of the under-tank tunnel.
It was a tie!






It’s been too long since the end of July and now that we’re in the middle of August, I am only going to post my favorite outfits so far from this month’s style challenge. If you want to see them all, feel free to visit my Instagram (@thenobbylife). Oh, and follow me – I’d love to follow you too!

For this outfit, I had to skip the day’s Beach Inspired theme and go instead with Leopard Is A Neutral (oh, did I mention, I’m also doing another August style challenge in addition to Dean Street Studio!) from the #AugustStyleDare challenge.

Don’t look too closely, you’ll see the worn spots on these much-loved shoes! Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Skirt: Anthropologie. Flowers: Nature.

Peachy in Pink: I love peach and I love pink. This shirt, however, was all I could come up with for this day. I’m still reading Brideshead Revisited. I slowed down because I wasn’t enjoying it (I found Waugh too plodding and confusing in the beginning), but now I’m getting much more interested in the story.

Top: H&M. Skirt: Anthropologie. Headband: J. Crew Factory

Let’s Hear It for The Boys: I am short and so it can be hard to pull off the boy-meets-girl style so prevalent in fashion right now. Blazers over t-shirts simply do not work on my short torso. Oversized menswear-inspired shirts, however? Yes. There’s nothing to lose when wearing one: loose fit and long length, tailored and casual all at once. Why have we not borrowed from the boys sooner?

Top: Gap. Pants: H&M. Shoes: H&M. Purse: Target.

No Layers of Lovely here. Too hot, folks, for layers. Instead I busted out my sandals and posed on the sizzling pavement for a Twinkle Toes theme instead.

Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target

It’s In The Bag: I bought this bag last year at the Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop. (Museum gift shops are dangerous, dangerous places). I love the bright colors and retro graphics. So British. So bookish. So fun.

Top: Loft (just purchased this week, sale on sale and tax-free! $12!!). Pants: Target. Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target.

 Have a Happy Saturday!