Marvelously (Easy) Marshmallows

Sometimes cold winter days call for something special. Something sweet. Something soft, squishy, fluffy, and positively scrumptious. Something you can eat alone or melted with chocolate.

Something like homemade marshmallows.Read More »


Just Smile


I have a confession to make: I hate speaking to groups. I hate speaking to any more than two people. If I do, I have nervous flutters and shakings until it’s over. Many classes I managed to escape the dreaded presentation, but some had moments of torture for me (looking at you, sociology and biology). Read More »

Good Morning + A Giveaway!

Hello there, everyone! I hope your weekend was full of wonderful, delightful things. I enjoyed my last bit of freedom before my classes begin again this week. I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to it – dreading it because I know how hard it’s going to be; looking forward to it because it gets me closer to my end goal.


Thank goodness I have something fun to participate in today to take my mind off of tomorrow – a giveaway! Read More »