Getting Ready For Fall: Tops + Accessories

As promised, here is a continuation of the fall pieces that I’ll be looking to wear once the weather changes. I have tried to select items that can transition easily, and in colors that would flatter any skin type.

Some of my absolute favorites here (because they’re all favorites, really)? The bow blouse is just classic and will function as an inexpensive transitional piece: sleeveless in these waning warm days, layered for those soon-to-come crisp days. Sneakers are also easy transitional pieces and a neutral pair (yes, I consider leopard neutral) are well worth finding as you will get much wear from them.

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Getting Ready for Fall

I’ve never been the sort of person to wish away whatever season I’m currently in, as I love each one for what it brings. However, when there are consecutive days of 100+ temps, then admittedly I begin looking forward to fall. It doesn’t help that the stores are clearancing out summer items and bringing in fall and winter wear.

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Ginger + Clay Moisturizing Body Scrub

Sometimes a friend’s birthday arrives and as much as you’re thought about what to give her over the year, and you see a million things she’d like and that you could buy, it somehow seems inadequate to just buy something. Because you know that your friend is worth all the time it takes to craft a gift and you know that you want to give that friend something unique. Something thoughtful. Something special. Because your friend is all that and more.Read More »