Mahabis Shoes: a Review

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When a representative for Mahabis emailed and offered to send me a pair of shoes to try, I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, I have shoes already. And I don’t often wear comfort shoes. But then I began to ask myself, why don’t I wear comfort shoes? After all, I’m on my feet a lot. And my legs get tired and my feet begin to cramp if I wear shoes that are too attractive (read between the lines: too tight and too tall because I insist on wearing painfully cute shoes). Since comfort shoes are generally not attractive or very versatile, I’ve often shunned them. But I went online and looked at their the mahabis shoes and immediately liked the cool design. Then I went on Instagram to see them on real people. I noticed that they were sporty and cool on everyone. So what about a comfort shoe that’s sporty and could be worn with almost anything? Would I wear it? YES.Read More »