Of Books, Busyness, and Life in General

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Well hello there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I have been swamped with work, study, and life in general. In June I traveled to West Texas to intern for a couple of weeks at an art museum, and I plan to share about my experiences there in a future post. Read More »


Mahabis Shoes: a Review

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When a representative for Mahabis emailed and offered to send me a pair of shoes to try, I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, I have shoes already. And I don’t often wear comfort shoes. But then I began to ask myself, why don’t I wear comfort shoes? After all, I’m on my feet a lot. And my legs get tired and my feet begin to cramp if I wear shoes that are too attractive (read between the lines: too tight and too tall because I insist on wearing painfully cute shoes). Since comfort shoes are generally not attractive or very versatile, I’ve often shunned them. But I went online and looked at their the mahabis shoes and immediately liked the cool design. Then I went on Instagram to see them on real people. I noticed that they were sporty and cool on everyone. So what about a comfort shoe that’s sporty and could be worn with almost anything? Would I wear it? YES.Read More »

Countryside: The Book of the Wise


As many of you know, I’m a substitute teacher and tutor who is hoping to eventually teach full-time at the elementary level. I used to think that high school might be more of a fit for me, due to being able to discuss and recommend literature. However, it’s recently dawned on me that children and young adults have books that are just as fun and delightful to read and discuss. So while I begin making my list of books that I’d like to have for my future classroom, I’m excited about exploring books and authors I haven’t yet “met” and adding them to my list.Read More »

A City of Bells by Elizabeth Goudge


“In my experience when people once begin to read they go on. They begin because they think they ought to and they go on because they must. Yes. They find it widens life. We’re all greed for life, you know, and our short span of existence can’t give us all that we hunger for, the time is too short and our capacity not large enough. But in books we experience all life vicariously.” -Elizabeth Goudge {A City of Bells}Read More »